Ropieee on allo usbridge sig on fifopi

Hi guys,

I just installed ian canada fifopi to my allo usbridge sig… Im using ropieee… selected raspberry i2s dac as audio hat… now I don’t have sound… please help how to diagnose.
I previously used allo digione sig and it was working but when i installed the fifopi I don’t have sound anymore.
Pls help on what i need to configure on ropieee setting…


Go through the various choices and try until you get sound.

I’m not familiar with the Fifopi hardware, but afaict it does not require a driver, it just reclocks.
Which HAT did you mount on top of it? That’s the HAT you should configure in RoPieee.

Hi Guys,

Problem is fixed… i reflashed and all is well now. Im using the generic i2s

Thanks everyone

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Dear Ivan,

Kindly share, which generic I2S you choose, Is it Raspberry Pi DAC (I2S Generic) ? I’m trying to use Pi 4 with Ian’s FIFOPI & Transport Pi to connect with Topping D70 via I2S. Still on the 1st trial, will try reflash & try other combinations. Your assistance much appreciated

Hi Sonny,

Yes im using the raspberry pi dac (generic i2s) with ian canada fifopi and transportpi.

Thank you

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for the info,

Quick update I manage to get my stack to stream Hi-res file up to 32/384 by selecting I-Sabre ES90X8Q2M as Audio HAT in Ropieee to my Topping D70

Initially got no sound but then realized that I can get sound from tracks with resolution 24/96 or higher but not 16/44, then I turn on S1 switch no. 2 in FIFIPI to ON and it works