RoPieee on an Allo USBridge

The Allo USBridge looks like an interesting product can I put the RoPiee software on it and use it with a Roon setup. I looks like just the product for DAC’s with USB only inputs like the Schiit Jotunheim. Thank you.

Hi Richard,

Currently RoPIeee is running only on Raspberry Pi’s. However, I’ve been in contact with Allo so I’ve received their Sparky hardware (which is used by the USBridge) to port RoPieee to it.

If you got a Raspberry Pi hanging around you can use that of course with RoPieee, and upgrade later to the USBridge.

Cool Harry thank you. I already have your software running on a raspberry and a DigiOne board. I was looking at the USBridge to work with a USB only DAC. I look forward to your port. Thank you.


Any progress porting Ropieee for the Allo USBridge? Thank you.

Hi @Richard_Thorpe,

I’ve just finished building a kernel for the Sparky and right now I’m trying to get stuff booting.
It’s a tedious process though of trial and error.

I’ll post something here when I’ve got progress.

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Hi @spockfish

I’m also very interestered in Ropieee for Sparky/USBridge.

Any news on the subject?



Interested in this as well.

Hi guys,

I’ve didn’t have that much time lately… However, I’ve been able to build an image and a kernel (that’s the most challenging part), but for some reason it isn’t booting. So I need to get together with the Allo guys to sort this out.

Hopefully I’ve got some time this weekend…

Regards Harry

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+1, I’m still waiting.

Thank you @spockfish.

Well, still WIP. Actually spend a large part of the weekend on it. I’m in talk with Allo, as I’m heaving trouble booting up. And that also means no screen, which leaves me literally in the dark.

So from that pov: no progress unfortunately.

any progress on RoPiee for the Allo USBridge? Thank you.

Actually yeah. I’ve got the Sparky running, so that’s a start.
I need to figure some stuff out with the kernel (I’m building my own), but I hope I get to that in the weekend.
If that’s all looking good then porting the rest of the RoPieee software stack is ‘rather trivial’.


Cool, Thanks Harry

Hi, another USBridge user eager for RoPieee on Sparky. What is the status of this? It’s been 3 Months with no mention.
Thanks for any info.


Yeah this is going very slowly. Mainly because I don’t have much time, and that porting things to another platform (in this case Allo’s Sparky) takes a lot of time.

I do have an update however: Allo has been so friendly to send me an USBridge. I’ve spend the last week in getting my own kernel running on it. I’ll continue with that this week (I do have some time this week): this is the ‘only’ thing that is blocking the progress.



Thanks for the update Harry. Appreciate you are doing all this in your own time!

Hi, this is great news. I have a problematic DAC that needs a recent linux kernel and RoPieee is afaik the only easy to use solution with a new kernel. Great work, thank you very much for the effort!

Any updates on this @spockfish? I bought a DigiOne that I plan to install RoPieee on and also a USBridge. Would like to use RoPieee on everything. I plan to donate to keep the project going but just need to know that the Allo transports are going to be supported moving forward. Thanks!

Hi @Michael_Grant,

I think you missed my update :wink:
But this is not gonna happen. I spend an awful lot of time on it, but I got stuck because the Sparky’s kernel is too old. The Linux distibution that I use as a foundation for RoPieee uses a software component that requires a more up to date version of the Linux kernel to work with.

Now, Allo said that this update is ‘in the works’, but until then this is a dead end.

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Thanks for the update @spockfish Was hopeful I could just use one stack for both devices. So will have to stick with DietPi for now given it does run across both platforms.