Ropieee on Raspberry Pi 3 A+ (how to get WiFi going)

Hi @spockfish

In my desperation to free up one of my RPi 4’s, I just picked up a Model 3 A+ (single USB, WiFi), which you added support for not that long ago. My hope is to replace one of my two very simple Ropieee endpoints on RPi4 with the “new old” machine.

Question on how to get going…

Do I have to find a USB/Ethernet dongle to get this set up? Or is there a possibility to just pop the SD card from the working RPi4 into the RPi3 A+ and it’ll work? Is there a write-up or any documentation on this? Looked on and at the documentation and change log and searched here, and all I could find was some quite old tinkering discussion on how to get going on this model prior to official support.

Many thanks,

It will not work as rpi3 and rpi4 use different builds, check on RoPieee web site

Ah, thank you. That makes sense. So is my only possibility to dig up a USB/Ethernet dongle and configure WiFi first? Totally fine, just always dread digging through the crate of stuff I’ll need to go through to find the dongle.

Yep that’s the procedure.