RoPieee on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W?

Hey there - I’m waiting on the arrival of my Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W starter kit and was hoping that I could install RoPieee on it (given the upgraded hardware specs). If not, is an updated version on the horizon that would support this new board?

Well, it supports the ARMv7 architecture, so Roon Bridge should install on it just fine. I don’t know about RoPieee.

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„RoPieee requires a Raspberry Pi 2, 3 or 4.“
You can use Raspbian. I had to use a powered hub for the keyboard (or ssh).

Hi @Todd_Horning ,

RoPieee support is in the works. While the previous Zero was not a serious target, this one is.
But I first need one :wink:

Over here they expect it in January :exploding_head:

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The Pi Zero 2 has effectively the same CPU as the Raspberry Pi 3 but with less RAM so it runs RoonBridge happily. Started another topic to share the news over here Raspberry Pi Zero 2

Looking forward to seeing RoPieee support. January is a bit of a wait to get one, I feel lucky that I managed to get my hands on two before they sold out.

I literally got an email 1 minute ago that confirmed shipment for arrival this week!



I just pulled the trigger on a kit as well. Let me know if you need another tester.

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For my clock radio project
(shameless adding of link Least expensive / cheapest Roon Bridge with analog out?)

I had to use a Pi 3 A+ as minimal Roon support so this Zero 2 will be very nice upgrade. Now, what Zero sized DAC HATs have you had good luck with + RoPieee?

I’m assuming that Zero 2 support will come on the NG branch, and after NG is fully rolled out as the main “supported” branch? Or is that a silly assumption? Just wondering whether I should try to get a different distribution of Roon Bridge running in the meantime.

NG already supports it, but yes you are correct.

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I think adding a HAT to the Zero 2 W requires some soldering. That sounds like a lot of work to me, but it’s probably not bad if you have the tools and skill. HiFiBerry has a DAC and an Amp HAT with the same formfactor, but once the GPIO header has been soldered on, any RPi-compatible DAC hat should work.


Will rpi zero 2 be compatible with ropieee soon?


Ropieee NG beta is available and runs quite well on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W. I’m currently running 2 endpoints this way.

Any chance an Infineon Merus would work on a Zero 2 W?

Sorry, not sure I got the official here. If I download regular RopieeeXL, and stick it in a Pi Zero 2 W, it’ll work?

Second question - if I take an existing image that’s working in an RPi4 as a RopieeeXL and stick it in a Pi Zero 2 W, will that work or do i need to reburn a new card?