RoPieee on RPI4 with RME ADI-2 DAC

Tried the latest RoPieeXL and could not have my DAC recognized or RPI to appear in the Audio tab of the Roon config. Just for the sake of trying, installed Roon Bridge and everything worked fine. What gives?

Also noted that the default OS does not configure time synchronization, had to play with chronyd config and enable it in the systemctl to sync.

If you want Harry to take a look in case there is a bug, use the Advanced tab to submit feedback and post here. I wonder whether the install was actually finished (was the LED flashing at 1/2 Hz?)?

I assume that you are connecting over USB, and that the DAC was on?

Regarding time sync, normally that isn’t a problem, so I am curious why you experienced a problem.

Thanks, since I already overwritten the SD card with the plain arch linux for RPI4, I cannot provide the requested feedback from the advanced tab. I did push it once and submitted but did not retain the hash code that it gave.

As for the time sync, I checked chrony config, which was installed, and did not see any time servers configured. Would love to have that option to allow for customer configuration of servers.

As for the DAC, I do not believe that my DAC was connected during the setup process, only connected it later. Is that a requirement to have all of the DACs that I plan to use connected during the initial setup? How do I change DACs later? If it is not dynamic, I would not want to use RoPieee, since manually setup Archlinux does the job with no issues (minus the GUI).

Time sync is in place, only where not using chronyd.

There is no need to connect the DAC during setup. Internet connection is required though.