Ropieee on the New Raspberry Pi 4

For some DACs, users experience the same USB performance between the 3 and 4 and therefore the same sound quality. But, it is equally true that for many (including me) that the separation of Ethernet and USB made USB possible (I hated the pops). And, in my experience, using a Pi 4 case with heat sinks also results in significantly lower operating temperature. In my opinion, if you want to use USB, the Pi 4 is the way to go (1g model is sufficient for RoPieee XL).


Not sure if it’s been suggested, but I would highly recommend putting an AudioQuest Jitterbug in the rPi4 USB and then USB cable from DAC in to Jitterbug? They really do make a difference to the sound & not that I can compare rPi3 to rPi4, it made a difference on my Mac Mini when using Audirvana & I have 2 in place on my rPi4, one to a Chord Qutest & one to a Meridian Explorer2 (no HATs)

Common sense is not evenly distributed over the human population.


@Amir_Majidimehr tested the Jitterbug, and came to this conclusion:

Bottom line, the AudioQuest Jitterbug does one only one thing: it filters your bank account, reducing your balance by $60.


Fair enough :wink:
I personally feel that it does help with sound quality, but YMMV


Here is photo of the RaspDAC Mini with RPi 4 fitted in. I just made one big cutout so it fits in.
Ignore the crack. That happened before.

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Thanks @rikardo1979
I willl explore the upgrade of my RaspDAC LTE to RPi 4.

Just to confirm after these days the streamer still working fine. So that workaround permanently fixed my issue


Hi Rafi, I am glad the Jitterbug worked for you. Unfortunately for me I could not hear any difference on 3x DACs.

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Bad news is that my original issue with sound is suddenly back without warning.
I have changed nothing in system or software.
So I guess this HAT has an issue with RPi 4
So for now giving up and its going for sale and I replacing it with some good standalone DAC

Hi @rikardo1979
Bad news… so I will stay with my Rpi3.
Only limitation is it can’t play Dsd128, but everything else is fine.
Thanks for your return

What you talking about??? Whats faulty???
Nothing is faulty
Its just SW does not work if you put RPI 4 and this HAT together

OK (10 characters).

What do you mean? Please explain.

I did the USB update, and the temperature is now around 41°C (instead of 46°C)…

Very BAD advice…Pin #1 is 3.3V power but pin #3 is a GPIO pin not a power pin.

You are also bypassing any power protection the USB input provides.

This is an older reference but the power pins are #2 & #4 for 5V and pin #6 for 0V or Ground. This has not changed…Pin #1 is still 3.3V

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Harry, Not sure if anyone ever got back with you regarding the Pi2AES working with your software? I can confirm it does work using the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro drivers. I’m running a Pi4 (2Gb version). I’ve tested it with content ranging from 44.1/16 up to 192/24.

Side note: Thanks for putting Ropiee together. I have several Roon endpoints running your software throughout the house. Install and management couldn’t be more simple. Stability is top notch. Donation is on the way!


Thanks for reporting Kyle! I’ll add it to the documentation but also to the configuration page so people can select it directly.

Regards Harry

No problem. Thanks for all you’re doing with this software.

Thanks for all the answers. Definitely RPi4 over RPi3