Ropieee on the New Raspberry Pi 4

USB hub is not shared with the network adapter, so yes, this is an improvement (in fact, this is why I purchased the 4, as I’d like to use the Raspi via USB on my RME ADI2 DAC. Right now it’s a 3 with a Digiberry Hifi+ via coax).

Didn’t someone run a Diet Pi instance with Roon Bridge successfully on a 4 on this forum?

Is the 3 interchangeable with the 4? That is, can the 4 be used as is with the hifi+?

Yes, I have.
It is running just fine.

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Yes, USB and Ethernet are improved. The question is - can you hear a difference? Or, can we measure a difference? I will be taking a look at that when I finally some day get an RPi 4.

it works fine for i2s connections like my allo digione. The issue is specifically related to usb.

here is a link to the thread:

the RPi 4B’s header is identical to the RPi 3B+'s; most hats that work with the 3’s should work fine with the 4’s

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I’d say it won’t improve much if you’re using a Hifiberry (I don’t think you need a fast or powerful Raspi for streaming), but with USB there might be less chance of conflicts causing clicks and/or crackles. I didn’t encounter any clicks myself though, when I tested the USB output for a week while I was waiting for my Hifiberry to arrive. However, DSD DoP played with dropouts. I expect this to be solved with the 4.

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Hi, I am using USB output.
Just now I have been skipping through different FLACs (44.1kHz, 88,2KHz, 96KHz) and I did not experienced any sound abnormalities …

Hi, wow! what version of dietpi are you running? I thought we had to wait for 6.25 for pi 4 support…

Somewhere in this thread:

I am running 6.25.2 and I think it is a stable release since couple of hours.
I will be running it until @spockfish realses its own image :wink:

Which OS/Kernel version are you running?

If you are using dietpi, note that is is still using an old kernel and firmware version that will not allow you to take full advantage of the RPi 4B’s new capabilities…

With a clean install of raspbian 10 (buster) i run into the issue every time, on every RPi and sd card i have tried.

The simplest way to reproduce it is to enable and disable Roon volume leveling several times while music is playing… would you mind giving that a try?

if you are interested, there are more details in the thread i linked earlier.

I don’t which kernel is used by DietPi.
I will check it out later when I am home.

update: it is 4.19.50-v7l+ kernel

I am using only the “Device Volume” in volume settings.


I thought an update on the Pi 4 stuff was necessary.

Since this morning I’ve got a booting Pi 4 with RoPieee’s customized kernel. That’s good news, because this is basically the hard part of the work.

This does not mean that I’m done: I still need to adjust some things in the kernel. However, I’m rather hopeful I’ll have a working (beta) image this weekend.

I’ll hope you’ll be patient :wink:



Good to hear! I have a couple of 4’s at home (2Gb model) and have been wondering whether to upgrade my 3+, but I don’t think I will unless there’s a sound or performance gain to be had (using wireless and Allo DigiOne Signature, though I’m planning to move over to wired ethernet soon). Looking forward to hearing reports from early advocates, or I may become one if I get some spare time…

thanks, that explains it… you are still running the old kernel and firmware.

4.19.56 is the version that fully supports the RPi 4B, but it’s not compatible with Roon at this time.

You wont be able to take full advantage of the RPi 4B, but as long as you dont update the kernel or firmware yet - you will be fine.

On another note, the device volume setting just enables/disables digital volume control. the volume leveling setting is under DSP.

I installed this patch out of curiosity and I see that the temperature gently decreased by about 3-4 degrees Cel.

dont install it unless you are using a hat… it breaks usb when using roon.