RoPieee + PecanPi HAT audio pop when changing track - FIXED

MQA Render is causing audio pops when changing between an MQA and standard track. To fix the issue choose one of the following MQA capabilities:

No MQA Support
Decoder only

I use decoder only so the MQA data is utilized by Roon.

Any ideas why there would be a pop when changing between MQA and no MQA? Is this specific to RoPieee or the PecanPi HAT?

Other than this issue that I resolved with Leo from Orchard Audio, the PecanPi is wonderful.

**ignore all other settings as they don’t have an effect on the pops.

I have a Pecan Pi it does not do MQA so you set no MQA support. For Roon to do the first unfold go to advanced settings and make sure MQA core decoder is on.