RoPieee Pi 3B+ no WiFi Connection

I installed RoPieee (Roopiee 383) on a Raspberry Pi 3(Model B Rev 1.3)
with an IQaudio PI-DAC-Pro hat, the hat also has an XLR card mounted.
The set up went smoothly updated and rebooted when necessary, my wifi
SSID was found and I provided the passphrase. But when I reboot with
the network cable unplugged the unit fails to connect to my wifi.
I have rebuilt the SSD card several times waiting until the green led
is flashing as described in the excellent ropieee-guide-for-beginners
before proceeding to the next step.
My wifi is a BT (British Telecom) 3 node mesh system connected to a sky Q router,
and is working well.
Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

Hi Terry,

I am not sure what is going on, but Iā€™d suggest having Harry @spockfish take a look at the logs. Join to wifi, reboot, wait 60 seconds, then attach Ethernet cable and submit feedback from the Advanced tab. It may be a region problem, or a chipset issue, or a bug.

Hi Nathan,
Thanks for replying, I have done as you suggested and sent the log file.
Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier cdfe42179df5b41b

Hi @Terry_Kinnane,

the logs suggest that the key is not correct (WRONG KEY), so maybe you made a small typo?


Thanks for your prompt reply, you are absolutely correct everything working now. Seems I wrote the password down incorrectly, a large slice of humble pie required.
Many thanks, will be donating to the cause.