ROPIEEE PI4 defective after using too many USB ports

Wanted to report that one of my passive ROPIEEE PI4 went defunct after having to serve four (4) USB ports for many months now… never showed overheating though according to the temperature display (was always below 60°C)

Replaced it with two passive PI4 now serving two USB ports each now…

Any similar experiences here?

4 very power hungry DACs?

NONE of them, all have their own power supply built in.

This isn’t a RoPieee issue. You should post in a more general section and more people might see it.

When you say that the Pi4 is now defunct, do you mean that the system is completely dead, or is it still working but just the USB ports went dead? If the system is completely dead, the problem might with something else besides the USB.

I doubt that the failure was caused by using 4 ports (Pi4 should be able to handle it). Here’s a thread in the raspberry pi forum about USB ports going dead.

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Thanks but I have no way in proving that this PI4 still works, as I only use it with ROPIEEE and have no other experience with a PI4

If you can open the RoPieee admin pages, then the Pi4 is still working. If not, then the Pi4 probably wasn’t able to complete the boot sequence.

Thanks Richard, will give it a try. But the USB ports are toast, so what does that help me? No worries I have six of them, plenty of backup… :wink:

It’s just investigating what failed and may not actually help you. You assumed that problem was caused by using 4 ports, but it could have been from something else.