RoPieee Pi4 HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP Compatibility issue?

I am not getting ANY output from my HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP
I am running RoPieee
On a Rasberry Pi4

Other than lack of audio everything seems fine - I see cover art, album and track info and the controls are responsive. I have 2 of these set up - no joy on either.

Is there a known issue here?

Does the HiFiBerry work without DSP? What DSP settings are you using? What is the source file? Please share the Signal Path.

I’m a bit of a novice in Pi land…I actually design sound systems for big theatres for a living, but this is another world.
Everything is bypassed in DSP land. Other than bypassing, how would I pull the DSP out of the mix?

Source file on Roon is 192kbps mp3 at 44.1kHz

Audio device is set as a HiFiBerry DAC+ (I tried the other options with no luck)
On the TOS link I see no carrier beam

Okay, so you’re not using DSP. Please provide a screenshot of the Device Settings for FamilyPi. Also, if you go to the Ropieee web interface, can you confirm that you have the correct device set … aha! There is a HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP … is this your device? And is Ropieee setup correctly?

Just the note, while not on the DSP page, volume leveling IS DSP.

Yes, that is my device. There doesn’t appear to be a lot to mess up in RoPieee…
Images below:
RoPiee settings

Roon Settings - I am suspicious of the disconnect between the audio device here and the selection in HiFiBerry. But that doesn’t seem like it would impact the optical output. Seems like it should either be active or not.

Thanks for that. I assume Volume Control is also something that engages the DSP.
That setting didn’t seem to impact success, or lack there of.

I am hoping to use the DSP to flatten the curve of the system in the room.

Select Fixed volume if you’re using TOSlink.

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I just tested to install Roopie to Rasp4 and use DAC+ DSP hat. (I was running that fine with dietpi, just wanted to test this issue)

I have little different version of Rasp :Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1
Flashed image from Roopie site, install went fine, version was 3.066. Tested with Roon, worked fine (tested only analog out!). Roopie asked to update version, Updated to version 3.084.
Tested with Roon, again worked fine.
I checked settings at Roon, I had “Device Volume” instead “DSP Volume”, tested
with that “DSP Volume” setting , still worked.
You have Display attached, maybe powersupply problem, doesnt give enough power?
Can you test your hats without display?

Software Version:
Kernel Version:
Board Serial ID:
Board Type:
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.1
USB FW Version:

Also version of “DSP DAC v.1.3” printed on the HAT

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Might be worth trying HiFiBerryOS to see if it is a software or hardware issue?

It was my experience that I had to check the box USB Audio for the HiFiBerry Dac I have to work with Ropieee even though I was using the HiFiBerry DAC output. Ultimately I switched to the HiFiBerry OS just because. You might give that a try.

I really appreciate the effort you are putting into this.

The display has a separate power supply. I tried disconnecting it completely. No change.

Other than the decimal difference in the Pi version and a slight difference in the USB version, we appear to be exactly the same.
(and per your subsequent message, I turned on the USB port.)

Could you share the advanced setting in your Roon device setup?

I reflashed the Pi and that had no impact.

I am going to try the HiFiBerry OS and see if staying native does it.

Did you notice that there is new version of Roopie (today released) and that should fix some problems with DAC+ hats.

Here are my settings:

I installed that - no impact on my issues

I installed the HiFiBerry OS and I have the same problem through Roon, and through Bluetooth: UI looks correct, but no audio. I am thinking I managed to get (2) bad HiFiBerry cards…It just seems that the probability of that happening is very low…

It turns out a bunch of HiFiBerry DAC+ DSPs were shipped without the jumper installed near the TOS input. That jumper’s function is undocumented, but when removed it stops the soundcard from identifying itself during boot.

Once that jumper is installed everything works as it is supposed to work.

Curtis that is bad luck, I am assuming a batch where they forgot to put them on.
Hopefully all working now. I have to say I have never had an issue with my HiFiBerry boards.

It works as advertised now,

Thanks to all for their help!


Brilliant!!! Got a DAC+DSP board last night and thought I was missing something obvious. Fortunately, I had an old computer I could pull a jumper off and things worked just as expected.

So what DAC hat profile did you end up using that worked? HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP ?