Ropieee/Pi4 & Mutec MC3+USB

I have a Mutec MC3+USB that I sometimes use to translate USB to SPDIF, between my computer and DAC (it also supplies the DAC with a master clock). When I try to use it with Ropieee (running on a Pi4), I am getting a “Zone Not Found” message (I have a Pi display attached). I’ve tried powering up both the Pi4 and the Mutec first, but both ways it fails to recognize the Mutec.

I suspect Ropieee doesn’t recognize the Mutec’s USB interface ID? The Mutec MC3+USB is class 2 compliant, and does work fine with a PC, Mac, and Aries G1 - the other three devices I’ve tried it with.

I am familiar with SSH. Is there something I can do via SSH, to allow Ropieee to recognize the Mutec MC3+USB?


Forget about the display for now…

Back to the basics: so you’re saying that if you have the Mutec plugged in it is not showing up in Roon as endpoint?

(and no, this has nothing to do with the interface id as this is not used)


Correct, when the Mutec is attached to the Pi4, it does not show up in Roon as an endpoint. (If I attach a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 to the Pi4, it does show up as an endpoint.)

Not sure this matters, but I tried an SOtM sMS-200 endpoint just now, and it also recognizes the Mutec MC3+USB (endpoint shows up in Roon). I mention this in case it is helpful.

Can you send feedback?

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 155883c55e7f8194

I feed my Mutec MC-3 USB with an RPi 4 running Ropieee XL, without any problem.


FWIW, @spockfish

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Hi @Michael_W,

From the logs everything seems to be OK. Device detected by RoPieee, device detected by RAAT (Roon).

Are you sure you have configured the device in Roon itself?


Well, what can I say – clearly an example of “PEBCAK” !! (problem exists between chair and keyboard)

I didn’t realize Roon would view the combination as a different device (and need to be enabled separately).

Very very sorry to have interrupted your Sunday!

Haha! Don’t worry @Michael_W, that’s what we’re here for.


I will be trying the Mutec as per your system. Looking forward to it!

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