RoPieee plays at wrong speed

HifiBerry Digi+ Pro on Rpi 3B plays at wrong speed. Roughly 20% too fast compared to other devices (incl. another RoPieee) on same network. Track counter jumps a second each 6 or so. Rebooted Rpi and core to no effect. Any ideas?


Ropieee doesn’t control clock speed; RAAT is asynchronous. I think the likely cause is the HifiBerry Digi+ Pro, the DAC connected via S/PDIF or the coaxial cable. Since the Digi+ controls the data rate I’d look at this first.

I’d pull everything apart and reassemble first, then try the hat on another Pi.


Many thanks Martin. It was the co-axial cable. Works with other hardware but not the HFB Digi+ Pro.

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I’d appreciate some help on a similar issue- using an Allo Boss2 DAC as endpoint and DAC. Tracks, especially high-res ones are usually playing slow. I’m amazed this can happen with digital, especially with MQA as I thought there would be built in checks for this (esp given the whole idea of MQA). I’ve tried various flavors of Pi OS on the RPi4 built into the Boss2 and they all exhibit the same problem, so based on some of the feedback above, I’m assuming it’s the DAC Hat, but as it’s built-in, now sure what do try doing. I’m using the RCA phono analog out, so it’s not a cable thing.