RoPieee Release 2023.02.1

Hi all,

Before the weekend starts a small bugfix release.

With 2023.02 a bug was introduced which prevented the UPnP Bridge from starting up properly; that’s now fixed. Furthermore 2 UPnP improvements have been made as well.

Here’s the changelog:

  • FIX: [XL] UPnP Bridge (squeeze2upnp) will not start
  • IMPROV: [XL] update UPnP/OpenHome (upmpdcli)
  • IMPROV: [XL] don’t disable UPnP renderer when OpenHome is selected

Over the next 24hrs this update will show up in your RoPieee.

As always: enjoy and have a great weekend!


One wired and one wireless rpi4b working great. Thanks Harry!

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Thanks Harry !

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Thanks, updated three of my ROPIEEE XL ROON-BRIDGES and so far all runs well!

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