Ropieee release 377 not working with Roon


my Ropieee with Audiophonics DAC made last weekend on sunday a autoupdate.
Since this update to version 377 is Ropieee not working with Roon.
Roon Core do not show the device on Audio tab.
Delete and activate the Spockfish addon also not works.

This release to 377 i don’t see on Ropieee Changelog tab.
Is there a bug in this release?

Best regards

Hi @Barbaros_Arslan,

The 377 is not mentioned in the changelogs because it’s only about internal stuff.

However, unfortunately this release broke your setup. This has to do with the driver for the Audiophonics DAC.

I’ll need to look into this how to fix this.

What you can try for now is change your HAT in the web page to ‘Hifiberry DAC’ or ‘RPI-DAC’.


Hi @spockfish

many thanks for your fast reply.
Now i changed the device on the web page to ‘Hifiberry DAC’ and Ropieee runs :slight_smile:

Can i leave it on this device?
Or do you will implement a stable driver for Audiophonics device in the next version?

Best regards

Leave it for now like this.