RoPieee Screen Question [Resolved - enable the endpoints]

I am a RoPieee user, with several endpoints up and running.

I have set-up two new ones with the official RaspPi screens. One with a HifiBerry Digi+ and the other with the Allo Boss DAC. Both are streaming music beautifully.

However, both screens say “Connection Failure”, and don’t display the music playing, controls, etc.

I have configured the endpoints, and rotated the screen in the settings. Both are playing music, but I have these errors.

To make sure, I created a new image, went through the setup again, and the same outcome.

Can anyone direct me to where I went wrong?

Many thanks.

Argh. I answered my own question (again).

You have to enable the endpoint, which I did and you can stream music.

I also had to enable the Extension in Roon for allowing these endpoints to act as remote controls.

Now all good.


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