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Hi - I’ll be happy to provide all relevant details above if necessary. Fortunately, I rarely need support, so apologies if this should be in another support forum / area. I searched for related.

I had been using a Raspberry Pi 3 running Ropieee successfully for years as a Roon endpoint (if that’s the correct word) as an interface to a DAC via USB.
I recently changed over to a Raspberry Pi 4.

I am using the standard 7" display.

Everything was successful with the change. However, after some time, the audio continued to stop playback repeatedly. I never had this issue with the RaspPi 3. After checking things out, I noticed the message “roon lost control of the audio device”. I searched in the forums for answers. I tried static IPs. Changing DNS providers etc. Changed USB cables just in case etc.

So… I thought perhaps something glitched with the change. I uninstalled and re-installed Roon including all libraries / databases and settings and did a brand-new image of Ropieee.

Now… for some odd reason, I can’t see the “spockfish” (I can’t remember the exact name) for the display extension. The display shows “Connection Failure”.

Music plays perfectly. I haven’t listened long enough to know if I have any drops / stops.

That’s all mainly just for the history / sequence of events. The primary issue is that I don’t see the typical way to approve the extension. It says “no extensions discovered”

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I moved your post over to the relevant category and tagged the developer, Harry @spockfish, who is usually quick to jump in on problems…

That said, make sure you‘re entering the exact same name in Ropieee‘s Display tab as in Roon‘s zone set-up.
See screenshot from the beginners guide


@Marin_Weigel -

They were identical in all three places.

Thank you very much! Here’s what I did to resolve. I have no idea why it worked, but it did.

I went into Roon settings and changed the name of the device.
Then I went into RoPieee settings and changed the name of both the remote and the display to match. I configured RoPieee after each change. It seems to hang if both are done at the same time.

The extension showed up.

With thanks!

No blanks, no special signs in the name!! Disobeying this rule usually kills it…

It was simply “D90” (no quotes) prior. Same as it was when using the RasPi 3. No rules violations. I changed it to “Fancy” (no quotes) in my attempt to get it to show up. It did. Then, I changed it back to “D90” (no quotes) again.

I’m not saying that I didn’t fat finger 3 characters. Anything is possible… but the good news is that it’s working now. Hopefully, I won’t get the dreaded “Roon has lost control of the audio device”. So far, so good.

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