Ropieee took a long time to reboot, Roon can not recognize Ropieee

Hi @spockfish,

I used Pi3 B, connected with ADL Stratos DAC via USB cable, connected with router via LAN cable, Roon Core is my ASUS gaming laptop. I set the static IP Address, IP Netmask, Gateway then rebooted. It took a long time to reboot, and finally Roon can not recognize Ropieee. I don’t use the screen.

Please see the feedback 9acf559476705c45.

Thank you & good day.

I don’t think Static IP works as yet…maybe set it back to DHCP and if you want static use a defined static address in your router to assign it…this is what I do for all my ropieee endpoints, and I have many…8 or so at current count.

Static IP works.

Hi Ninh,

See my previous question: does it work when using DHCP?

I tried with DHCP again, but it doesn’t work.

Ok, then there’s something else wrong.
Keep it on DHCP (we first need that one working), and try to send another feedback.


Yesterday I still used the same network, DietPi on Pi3 B with no problem, for more information.
On DHCP, the green LED was back to 1Hz(“normal operation”?), but no change with Roon.


Ok this one I received.

And I already see what the problem is: during installation there was no connection with the internet. RoPieee requires internet during installation to be able to fetch and install RoonBridge, hence it’s not working right now.

So for now I suggest you do a re-install (from scratch) and make sure your Pi is connected to the internet.


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good to know static should work too…but I think I prefer the mapped in router option at this time so that if I move it to another network say at a friends place it will not be impacted

Yeah agreed. That was always my default answer to those that requested static IP addresses.

However, recently someone (I forgot who actually) poked me and came up with a use case where a router was not involved but he used it in a strictly point-2-point connection. That’s when I decided “ah ok. now you’ve got me convinced I need to build this” :wink:

Wifi would be a good one…but presetting the SSID is the biggest issue unless you do it in a file pre boot like DietPi does it…can also do the Static LAN in that file too.

Oh and while I think of it well done Max for the win in Mexico :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wifi is almost done. I’ve got it running here. Last stuff doing on the user interface. I expect it to land this month.

And yeah, Max was awesome :grin:

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Finally I got it. Thanks @spockfish for your great support! :wink:

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I’ll add a note to the documentation to make it clear you need to be online while installing.


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