RoPieee UPnP problems

I’m trying to use some nodejs clients to play to RoPieee UPnP endpoint programmatically but I’m getting Error 501 when trying to set transport url. I have no way of knowing if there is a problem with SetAVTransportURI command and its params or the problem is on the http stream that serves the given URI?

What can I do to debug the problem?

Do you maybe use some open source MediaRenderer library so I can look up the source or there is some other way to determine the problem?


RoPieee is an appliance and as such not meant for ‘tinkering’.
Obviously you’re free to do so, but I cannot provide support.

I suggest you take a distro like DietPi where you can have a better insight of what’s being used and which is easier to manipulate to your likings and needs.


I don’t want to tinker with RoPieee. I just need to know what RoPieee expects to get in SetAVTransportURI command. I think I’m doing everything as standard requests but I only get back Error 500 without any explanation. I just thought it would be easier if I could look up the source that is used in RoPeee MediaRenderer implementation but if you could state what can cause such an error and what checks are performed on arguments of this command I would greatly appreciate it.

Never mind. I saw you are using upmpdcli (you could have said that) and having looked at its source I solved all my problems.