RoPieee v.181 touchscreen and remote setup [solved]

Harry @spockfish, last night I re-flashed one of my displays that wasn’t updating, and I noticed some interesting behaviour, and I am curious whether it is intentional.

If you update the Display Roon Control Zone, it automatically updates the Remote Roon Control Zone value as well. I kept trying to delete the Remote config (not using a remote yet), and it kept removing the config for the display. I did further tests this morning, and from both the Display and Remote pane it has this behaviour of setting both fields in /data/ropieee.conf.

Is this by design? If so, maybe consider consolidate the GUI into one pane so it is clear that there really is only one value, and one can enable the remote (or not), but that it is the same target as what is on the screen.



It is intentional. You can only control one zone, so it needs to be the same.
The reason that it’s not in the same place in the UI is for those that use the remote control, but don’t have a screen.

This is going to change though. I’m rewriting the extension from the ground up and one of the results of that is that it is possible to control a different zone with the remote controller then with the screen.

I didn’t want to wait with the remote control functionality until the new extension is done, hence this construction.

Regards Harry

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Thanks Harry, makes sense. I was just trying to set a value for the display and not the remote, and that wasn’t working so well. :rofl: I got confused by the two separate variables.

Thanks again.

Hey Harry @spockfish , I have another related question. In one of my displays the web GUI displays the Roon Control Zone as “unknown”, yet the display is still correctly associated with the correct zone. This condition survives a reboot of both the display and ROCK.

Is this behaviour normal?


No that’s not normal. I need to look into this, because this is related to the coupling of the 2 settings.
Which will be gone once the new extension is out…

No big deal, to be clear.

I would be pleased to contribute to any testing, as helpful.

BTW, this display also does something around 3 in the afternoon every day that causes its temp to go up considerably (maybe 7-8 degrees C), it is almost as though it is doing a version upgrade, but it is set to update manually with no reboot. Strange.