Ropieee Volume control

Hi, I’m new to Roon and am exploring options for my optimal setup.
I currently am running a BluSound PowerNode 2 as my main setup with a Ropieee and Chromecast Audio as other zones.
I’d like to upgrade my main amp from the PowerNode and was thinking a Ropieee and an integrated amp with USB DAC might be the ticket.
Will or Can Ropieee control the volume of the integrated amp through the Roon app? The Ropieee I have set up does not, but it’s feeding a really low dollar audio interface (Steinberg UR12)

Thanks in advance,

That depends. You can use volume control over USB (you can even do that now), by using Roon’s digital volume control.

If you really want proper volume control (in the analogue range) you might have to have a look for a RoonReady device with volume capabilities. So look for a DAC/Pre-Amp that’s RoonReady and supports volume control and hook the DAC/Pre-Amp into a power amp on the other end.

Thanks Harry,
I’m looking for a cost effective solution so I think I can live with volume control over USB - and use the device remote when I desire better performance.
I’m considering the Denon PMA-60 driven from a RPi4.
I just need it to be easy for my wife to control and she would be happy with the Roon app as long as she doesn’t need to find the Denon remote just for volume.


How do I activate Roon’s “digital volume control” I haven’t seen it in any of my menus. I’m using a Pi4 and a Schiit Modi.


edit - I think I found it, if it’s called DSP