RoPieee vs Hifibery Roon client

im running a RPI 3 with a Hifiberry Digi+ pro. What are the differences between these to?
If any.

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Having every nice results with RoPieee, optimal sound with no maintenance worries.

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Try them both to see. I prefer Ropieee but YMMV

I tried both. There are no differences audible.

But the UI is better with Ropieee IMHO

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Does the Hifiberry have a UI at all?

Since there are no audible differences to me and you both have had
good experiences with Ropieee ill go with that to.


Precisely the point, no it doesn’t.

I found the hifiberry image to fail with some high res content. DietPi and Ropieee will happily light up all the options on any DAC I plug in.

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Are there any other benefits of DietPi? I always thought it’s similar to Volumio and has nothing to do with Roon

Dietpi is nothing like Volumio. It is an image for a RPi and other SBCs which once flashed has a rudimentary menu system accessed via SSH which allow the installation of other software packages, including Roon bridge, and selection of various audio devices.

If you just want to set up a Roon endpoint with Hifiberry hardware you may as well use Ropieee.