Ropieee w/HifiBerry Digi+ Pro

New to Roon - Since Early December. I have found the information contained within these forums is fabulous and has allowed me to progress with my Roon system. My thanks to all of the contributors for their time and efforts in these Forums.

Please allow me to explain my progression and finally the addition of a Ropieee end point.

My initial setup was -

MacMIni (Roon Server) --> gd-Audio DI0214 USB to IS2 --> gd-Audio Master 7 DAC --> 300b Preamp --> 300b MonoBlock Amps --> zu-Audio speakers(main listening area)

I use iPhone’s and iPad’s for Roon Control.

This install went perfectly, tested for a while, feel in love with Roon, completed music library load, signed up for Qobuz, dropped Apple iTunes streaming, ended trial period with Roon and paid my annual fee to Roon.

Added a pair of Sonos One (paired for stereo) connected via Sonos Streaming(separate listening area). This install also went perfectly, resulting in my desire to add reset of my listening areas to Roon.

As a precursor to my expansion of listening areas to Roon, I modified my setup to include a Roon Bridge as follows -

MacMIni (Roon Server) --> MacMini (Roon Bridge) --> gd-Audio DI0214 USB to IS2 --> gd-Audio Master 7 DAC --> 300b Preamp --> 300b MonoBlock Amps --> zu-Audio speakers(main listening area)

Roon Server is connected to home wireless network provided by Amplifi HD Wifi router --> ATT Uverse router running in IP pass thru mode. BTW Good solid connection via wireless to Roon Server. Roon Server and Roon Bridge are connected via ethernet cable. Roon Bridge using NOT using wireless.

This new implementation worked great and ran for several weeks without a single issue. At this point, I decided I wanted to reduce the equipment, specifically I wanted to drop the MacMini as a Roon Bridge and replace with something a bit smaller, more economical, etc. My research on these great forums led me the Raspberry PI and Ropieee. I decided to build a Ropieee Bridge with a HifiBerry digi+ Pro and I would replace the MacMini Bridge and the gd-Audio DI-2104 for use elsewhere.

Raspberry Pi 3b+, HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT ordered. while awaiting these items to arrive, I modified my current Roon Bridge setuo toi be as follows -

MacMIni (Roon Server) --> MacMini (Roon Bridge) using s/pdif output(optical) --> gd-Audio Master 7 DAC --> 300b Preamp --> 300b MonoBlock Amps --> zu-Audio speakers(main listening area).

I ran this for about 5 days, no errors, sound quality was equally good as previous. Flawless to my tastes.

My Raspberry equipment showed. Using Ropieee website and the excellent instructions on how to build/setup the RoonBridge using Ropieee – I was up and running as follows within about 2 hours.

MacMIni (Roon Server) --> Raspberry pi 3b+ / Hifi digi+ Pro HAT using s/pdif output(optical) --> gd-Audio Master 7 DAC --> 300b Preamp --> 300b MonoBlock Amps --> zu-Audio speakers(main listening area).

This installation worked great. Leaned how to use the “website” on the Ropieee bridge, setup the auto update and reboot schedule(s), etc. This has worked well.

So sorry for the long post to get to my actual problems. Under this final arrangement, i have had several incidents where my playback seemed to stop being replaced with what I will describe as “test tone” but with a steady stutter as opposed a true test tone. The first time, i just rebooted Ropieee and all was fine.

But this behavior continued to occurs over the coming days. On each event I checked via Roon Control, the music is still streaming, but the audio out is as previously described. A simple restart on Ropieee corrects issue for “hours” of uninterrupted listening. After reading forums for guidance, I did several things on subsequent failures -

  1. Reflashed Ropieee on new sdcard, same results appears hours into listening

  2. Next I noted music playing looking for pattern of streaming music on failure or was I playing local music, no pattern over those days of failure.

  3. Check temperature of RoonBridge using Ropieee web page immediately after Ropieee restart. The temperature seems high to me but appears within Spec of Raspberry hardware — 61-65 c

In the end, there does not seem to be a pattern for reproducing or pattern that I can point to that leads to the failure. I did search the forums for like behavior and can’t find any.

Really love how Ropieee is put together, its ease of use, config, and low impact foot print. I also cannot tell any difference in sound quality compared to my previous setups building to Ropieee bridge install.

Ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Bob S

Hello @Hey_der_Bob,

A few things to try:

  • Bypass the HAT, using USB out, to verify the Pi and networking are working correctly
  • Obviously, verify that the correct HAT is selected on the first tab (HiFiBerry is well-supported)
  • Submit feedback via the Advanced tab after it happens, and maybe Harry can spot something wrong
  • Make sure you are using Ethernet

Better configuration of your setup:
Roon server > Rpi Ropieee USB > DI20 > i2s > Master 7


Thanks for the suggestions.

I have verified the proper HAT selection, and I am using “wired” ethernet from the Roon Server to the Roon Bridge.

I will capture the next failure and then submit a feedback as you suggested. I actually did not know of that “easy to use” feature but looked for it on your advise.

As to USB – I will try that after next failure.

Thanks again

Bob S


I don’t necessarily disagree with you although to my ear and setup, i have not been able to judge any change in SQ when using the s/pdif vs USB of the MacMini/gd-Audio DI-2014 connection method to my DAC.

Based on my install, I was trying to eliminate the gd-Audio DI-2014 from the mix primarily due to space and heat load. This listening location has the components placed in a cabinet of sorts that ventilates acceptable but the DI-2014 does put quite a bit of heat load.

As an option - Any experience with the Rasberry PI 4+ ---->DAC(my case the gd-Master7 DAC) ?

I do have a Pi 4 i am thinking of testing/deploying in another listening area to a USB DAC.

Thanks for feedback. Will update on progress. Appreciate further comments.


Opps! I thought you have a DI-20. It is the latest DI from Audio-gd.
Yes, DI-2014 won’t much better than a MacMini. I am also own a DI-2014.

My setup is Roon > RPi4 Ropieee USB > DI-20HE > i2S > Audio-gd R7
It is a lot better than directly connect the USB to R7.

DI-20HE is a big jump from the previous models.

My issue with Ropieee failing continues. Still no understandable pattern. I have send a feedback request.

RoPieee HQ with unique identifier bc204765f1ffd1dc


This is a very short log, right after a reboot.
Everything looks fine, but then again not a lot of data.

So could you repeat this but with some listening AND where you actually had the issue?



Thank you for your respond to this thread of discussion on my issue. Unfortunately I have been unable to “pattern” this issue that I am having. The Bridge simply halts with my sound output playing a “test tone” with stutter kind of effect - steady unchanging sound - i - and only ends when powering off the Ropieee Bridge.

When this “test tone” is occurring, I am unable to use browser to gain access to Ropieee bridge - bridge does not respond and as result can’t capture/send feedback. As to visual indicators on the bridge, I have steady red LED, normal blinking green LED.

What I can offer is to use the bridge for a normal listening session, assuming it is does not stop, and then send feedback at that point such that you may review and see if there is anything to find from that log.
Thanks very much Harry, love the product as it is deployed and want to work thru this issue.


Bob S