Ropieee web interface not loading up


A newbie here.

Just finished installing Ropieee flash to the micro SD within my Raspbery pi4. I got a Hifiberry DAC 2 HD HAT.

Everything was going smooth, or so I thought. Now the RP4 is flashing green light at 1/2 hz , and the ethernet still attached etc.

Then I try to go to the web interface on my MacBook Pro at http://ropieee.local, the page will not load up.

Am I missing something?

Thank you


Hello @Jim_Eguchi , welcome. Did you try using the IP address instead? Use your DHCP interface in your router or a mobile app like Fing to determine the IP.

Thank you for your reply!

Actually - I figured out shortly after I posted.

It was one of those epiphany moments and it just occurred to me why it wouldn’t work.

I got in my house a google wi-fi extenders that created another network. Starring at the Ethernet cable it occurred to me to log on to the original network for the router.

I logged out of the secondary network and re logged in to the primary, and boom it worked.

It’s up and running now.

I think it’s worthwhile to keep this post cuz I am sure this has happened to others!

But thank you for your reply!