Ropieee Web interface treats backslashes in Wi-Fi password as escape character

Repro steps:

  1. Have Wi-Fi network with backslash in the password
  2. Connect Ropiee using Ethernet
  3. Open Web Interface
  4. In the Network tab enable Wi-Fi, select your Wi-Fi network, input password and Commit changes
  5. Reboot Ropieee
  6. After reloading the interface open Network tab again and click on Commit changes button

Every backslash in the password is doubled. Every time the Ropieee is rebooted the amount of backslashes in the password doubles.

Yes, I realize this is an extreme edge case scenario.

Flagging @spockfish. Sounds like a minor bug… please also submit feedback via the Advanced tab and post the identifier.

Feedback posted.
Identifier: a6ede0fa3d9f7834

Thanks @Yethal,

I’ll look into this.