RoPieee web page feedback

After finally convincing my RoPieee LCD system to update yesterday (took editing the config file), I really like the new tabbed format of the web page. Some suggestions for version 20170803-3:

  1. Instead of “Welcome” for the title tag, what about something like “HostName :: PageName”, where “PageName” is “General” and so on. This would help those that have multiple RoPieee devices know which device they are modifying or viewing. [Many people will use DHCP reservations perhaps, so will memorize the various IPs, but adding clarity might help the project goals of simplicity.]

  2. Possible Intro text change:

Current: This section contains the basic settings for Ropieee that are required to function as Roon endpoint.
Proposed: This section contains the basic settings for Ropieee that are required for it to function as a Roon endpoint.

PS: a plea to those new to RoPieee: make a donation. Harry (@spockfish) has real costs to host the infrastructure, and having a view screen for Roon is simply game changing (in my opinion).


Yes the Welcome is a bit too generic IMHO…at least RoPieee should be in the title so when we book mark the pages we have some idea whats it about without having to jump into bookmark editing. I have 8 RoPieee endpoints at current count (3 LCD and 5 using various IQAudIO HATs

I dropped 25 euros in a while back…well worth it if you ask me and while it doesn’t sound much I am sure if we all chip in Harry will be happy that we show some appreciation for his efforts.

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I don’t feel like Harry’s earnt my 3rd donation yet ! He’s getting close though :joy:

All jokes aside of course, if you are using RoPieee please do support Harry. His hard work and dedication is really first class.

As I’ve said before, this is the 2017 and RAAT version of the Squeezebox Touch - something I was desperately looking for everywhere and within only a few months, we have it.

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Made one donation so far. Will give another when a few more features are added. It’s a great product and Harry is awesome Dev and will keep supporting it for as long as I use Roon.

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Thanks Harry for updating the web pages (mine is now 20170813-4), especially the title tag.

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Just put in a donation, great work, really easy to setup, sound great through my dac and I now get to use my PC in the office.