RoPieee Wirless & now ethernet issues RP4

HI All,

I just got a new RP4 and downloaded the RoPiee XL image… Flashed it to SD Card, placed in RP4 and I was up and running.

I then tried to enable WIFI… after a reboot it did not connect… Afterwards I wasn’t able to connect via Ethernet either.

So i tried reflashing the SD Card, multiple times now, and I cant connect even via ethernet. When the RP turns on I see the Ethernet port flashing, but then I just see an orange light on the port, no flashing green.

My router shows that it has an IP address but I cannot connect

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Having just a orange led on is normal and indicates a 1Gbs connection (a solid green is 100Mbs).

Can you try opening a terminal window and pinging the IP address indicated by your router? The command is the same on either an Apple or Windows PC - PING XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Where the x’s is the IP address. If you get a reply then try that address in a browser.

If you can’t get a reply, than the DHCP address the router is showing is wrong or expired, or the RPi isn’t able to negotiate a new DHCP request from your router.

Is the green LED on the RPi board flashing? It should be by default and would indicate that Ropieee is running.

I had the similar issue when I was installing new Ropieee device and entered a wrong password for the selected WiFi network. It was working fine after I re-flashed the SD card and used the correct password.