Ropieee with a Headphones Amp Hat?

Hello, I like to have a Rpi4 with Ropiee and headphones amp Hat placed in my work area so I could stream from Roon to my headphones while I work. Working volume control would be necessary also.

So, is there such a Hat? ie. a single Rpi4/DAC/HeadPhones amp Hat package that I could use with Wifi ethernet. A good case is important also.

You could use a Dragonfly in the USB Port

There are a few out there that offer headphones into a connected HaT. How good they are I can’t say. Orchard Audio offer an all in one with the Pecan Pie Streamer. Or you can add a usb headphone DAC/amp such as the AudioQuest dragonfly series or many others. Depends what you want out of it.

I am about to put up my Ifi Nano iDSD BL DAC for sale which works well with a Pi if your interested. Has its own volume control which works well for desktop use.

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The IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ has a headphone out.

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@Kristian_Salo I recently acquired an @Orchard_Audio PecanPi streamer and I have nothing but praise for it as an all-in-one Roon endpoint headphone amp. Super simple; works great, sounds great. You have the choice of either using the volume knob on the front or using Roon DSP for volume control.


I have a couple of these. This is mine with a Dragonfly Cobalt and battery powered.

You don’t have to use a battery, of course. Nor do you need the screen. A FLIRC case works great.

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@Red_R thanks for the mention.

I also currently have a streamer with a touch screen available for preorder. Uses the same DAC and headphone amp.

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@Orchard_Audio Hello, I tried to configure the PeacanPi Streamer at your European distributor, but their site only allows to choose UK as the destination country and I live in Finland. Do you have a reseller in Europe that ships to the rest of the Europe?

They ship to all of Europe. You have to contact them.

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Morning (or whaterver time it is at your end)
I am highly interested in what kind of battery you use. It kind of looks like a regular powerbank. I’ve tried this as well and works great with the RPI, however my attached Chord Mojo doesn’t like it that much.
The Cobalt looks like a brilliant alternative. Cheers

Maybe get the iFi Hip DAC… inexpensive, MQA and a great portable headphone amp. Plugs into USB.

It’s an Anker 2nd Gen Astro E7
Product Number: A1210
Capacity: 25600mAh / 94.72Wh
Input: 5V=2A Output: 4A(Max)

It’s one I had laying around and got from Amazon some time ago. It last for several days if I use it a lot and months if I use it very little.