Ropieee with allo digione sig need to reboot many times

My digione sign keeps crashing and I need to reboot it in order to play music . Any idea what can be done about it

Hi @Shlomo_Drechsler ,

Apologies for the delay. Does this issue only happen for one of your Rasberry Pi zones? I noticed you have a few registered to your account. Is the affected Digione running Ropieee? Have you tried to reinstall Ropieee if so?

I didn’t .it’s only the digione sig .pi2aes lite works flawlessly

Hi @Shlomo_Drechsler ,

Are you still seeing this issue? I would try to reinstall the operating system on the Digione if you haven’t yet and see if that helps. It appears the issue is device-specific, so you may also want to reach out to Digione support.

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