Ropieee with Allo Digione Signature not found as audio device

Intel NUC running, Pi4 with Allo Digione Signature running with Ropieee, Ropieee visible in Roon but only in the About page on the settings tab.

My NUC is working because it works with my Node 2.

Ropieee is not found as an audio device.
Pi4’s green light is the normal slow pulsing green.

Any idea what’s wrong?

For Roon being able to play to an audio device, this device must be connected and available… So, did you make sure your DAC is connected to the Allo Bridge and switched on?

I moved your message to the Support section of the forum.

Yes, DAC connected via SPDIF in and Digione SPDIF out, and selected the correct input on the DAC.

The Pi4 is not visible in my network…

So you are using a Allo DigiOne HAT, not a Allo Bridge Signature as you mentioned in your original post?

What does that mean exactly? You mentioned that Roon in its About page can see the Pi with RoPieee… so that would mean that it is definitely available on your network.

Can you connect to RoPieee with a browser, using the IP of the Pi4 or the name you have given that RoPieee instance? Is your DigiOne HAT correctly configured in RoPieee?


By default you should be able to connect to the RoPieee instance with
http://ropieee or http://ropieee.local

Haha LOL, that part I skipped… Big thanks to you!

Problem solved!

Great! :+1:

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