Ropieee with Audirect Beam 2

Hi, I am trying to use Beam 2 DAC with Ropiee but it is not connecting to my Roon Sever using Raspberry Pi 4. It works fine when connected to my PC directly. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Can you send feedback?


I sent you the feedback. Thanks.

Do you have an ID?


I just rebooted again. The number is 017a2722cf7e0d3e. Thanks.

Yeah I see the disconnects. There’s also an error when the DAC connects, so it’s not ‘behaving’ nicely.

There’s one thing we can try (but I’m not very hopeful): switch to the beta channel (you can do that on the advanced tab) as it has a newer kernel.

Have you checked if it is possible to update the device firmware? If so, are you on the latest one?


I think the DAC goes into standby mode as soon as I plug it in which doesn’t give the core enough time to detect it and causes some kind of error. I have the latest firmware for the DAC. Every time I plug in my Meridian Explorer 2 afterwards I have to reboot the Pi and restart Roon for Ropieee and my device to get discovered again.