RoPieee with Kernel Firmware 5.4.83

Hello, im testing 2 Roon bridge solutions on the same Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM.

A) RoPieeXL
B) Official Roon bridge script installed on a Raspberry OS Lite with Kernel firmware (5.10.11-v7l+)

could you please help me understand why the RoPieee latest version 3.075 comes with the Kernel version 5.4.83-1-SPCKFSH-v7l+ for Raspberry Pi? why don’t comes with a newer firmware?
Is it possible to update the Kernel firmware as i have done with all my other Raspberry Pi 4 devices?

thank you

Hello @anon80325818, welcome. RoPieee aims to be appliance-like (it should just work), so in general if you prefer a different set of design decisions (including selecting the firmware level), you should consider a different Roon endpoint solution. @spockfish does update the kernel regularly, as you can see in the changelogs, based on proven stability and the availability of required patches etc, so being “up-to-date” enough isn’t generally a concern (for me). Is there a specific security or performance issue you are concerned about?


no there isnt any security or performance issue…im new to roon and was just a simple question to better understand how RoPieee is maintained…RoPieee is working great without any issue.

thank you Nathan

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You can review the RoPieee | Changelog, if you wish. The RoPieee community is fairly active on this forum too.

And to be complete: 5.10 kernel is in testing. But RoPieee’s kernel is optimized (think of native DSD for example) and tuned and I want to 100% sure that it is stable.

Over the last years this means in general that I don’t jump on the new kernel unless we reached at least .40.



Dear @spockfish i would like to know also if you plan to add support for onboard A/V and HDMI output?
i have found that only the Roon Bridge plugin for Volumio give this possibility in my case for Raspberry pi 4 to have the USB+A/V+both HDMI outputs available for Roon.
thank you

Onboard A/V will never happen.
HDMI output is on my radar, but certainly not in the near future.