Ropieee with pi4 shutting off / crashing after 30ish minutes

Just setup a ropieee build with a pi4 4gb, touchscreen display and case with a small fan. I got it all working well but it shuts down after about 30 minutes or so. It throws some quick Linux lines then shuts down. I’m suspecting thermal issues at play. Tried to run the commands to update Linux via ssh, but those don’t seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Love it when it works, thanks!

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Also forgot to mention using usb from pie into dac

the info screen captures temp in the ropieee gui

Hmmm, thanks wiz, i seemed to have missed that. mine seems to be staying around 46 c.

So probably not thermal issue.
I sent logs, identifier is 0a112eed6cfaf52e.


I live in the tropics so my ambient temps are in the 30c plus all the time

Same issue with Pi4.

I’m having the same issue:
ID 7639595ee0a1c68f