Ropieee with Playback Designs Stream-IF issue

Hi there

I was wondering whether someone can troubleshoot this.
I just received a new endpoint. Connected via USB to pi but cannot playback anything. Showing in Roon as ALSA endpoint but unable to change the name from ‘unnamed’ and Save button after changing device settings is grayed out.

I sent feedback with this identifier: 779347f0a97941cb

Basically it looks ok. However, I’ve noticed that you’ve got HQP enabled. Can you please disable all XL services and just test with RAAT?

If you need support from the Roon team it makes their lives easier as well…


Hi Harry

Thanks for the response. Disabling HQP and restarting the pi and Roon Core has fixed it.
Sorry for taking up time. Should’ve just done that before posting - guess I should have known better than to try troubleshooting at the end of a long day!