Ropieee with remote control and display

I have assemblied a Ropieee endpoint : Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ / HiFiBerry Digi+ Standard . It works fine, either Ethernet or WiFi.

Now I am looking for Display and remote control.

Some points are not clear !

Can I use a remonte control without using a display ?

On some topics on the forum one can understand that with a Ropieee it could be possible to ‘manage’ any zone. For example, does a Ropieee + remote control would allow to manage (pause, volume) of my SONOS zone ?

Thanks !

Either use the Official Raspberry Pi Display (requires a re-flash), or use Roon output display via html and any web browser.

Yes, these are completely separate pieces of functionality. The hardware remote can control any Roon Control Zone.

Thanks !

So, remote control is very interesting as a quick way to switch off/on sound when needed.

Yes. You can stop a track or adjust its volume.