RoPieee with Singer SU-1

Hi @spockfish,

Been using RoPieee for quite a long time now and yesterday, my friend lend me his Singer SU-1.

I tried to set it up but nothing come up. I also noticed that the support from RoPieee is for the F1 version.

Is this true that at the moment the SU-1 will not work with RoPieee and if so is there any future plan to make it work?

Thanks in advance.


This is a USB device so it should work.
Can you send me feedback with the device turned on so I can have a look?


Sorry @spockfish - false alarm! I’ve been silly and not changed the input on my DAC. All works now. Thanks for the quick reply.

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So… can you tell me if it does native DSD? Then I can add it to the list.

Hi @spockfish - yes it does! You can add it into the list, works perfectly!

Word of cautions though, when it plays DSD files, and if you apply convolution via Roon, it will overload the CPU and the music will stutters…