RoPieee with TauDAC

What is the process of trying to get a new RoPieee build for a HAT which isn’t on the supported list? I am finishing up building a housing for my TauDAC and would like to run RoPieee on it.

You could try it with some of the DAC HAT drivers already there but normally get it up and running then send a feedback to Harry (spockfish) and he can usually see what’s needed. Donations always help I’m sure too :wink:

Thanks, I was going to try ‘random selections’, but just was wondering if there was some ‘official’ request path. Yes, of course, donations are invaluable!!

Would you happen to have any pictures of the TauDac housing you created? I’m seriously interested in the TauDac myself. Thanks.

Proper power supply with torroidial transformer. Fully operational unbalanced/balanced outputs and all access to RaspberryPi functions. Touchscreen output should be able to drive 20 foot cable but I am still working on the housing for the 7" display. The most important aspect of this design was to have both the SD card available (I don’t want to take it apart to change card) and balanced/unbalanced outputs without changing the hihat that Sergej designed. My outputs are active (not passive as his design). This is a prototype unit so I am not showing the internals!

That is simply amazing! Nicely done @Brad_Sanders, nicely done. Two things come to mind: how did you add active outputs? And have you solved the OS configuration issue yet? Wow. Simply beautiful.