RoPieee with Touchscreen Display - What's the Use Case?

Hello all,

I’m curious about your reasons for setting up the touchscreen display.
Do you use it instead of a Roon remote on your phone or tablet?
Do you use it in addition to a Roon remote?

It sounds like a cool add-on, but I just can’t wrap my head around why I need it. Of course, I could wind up getting it even if if it’s not necessary - but I prefer to be an informed buyer of unnecessary things.


This is discussed a bit in Ropieee with display - perfect! :)

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My 2 cents having done this in the last 2 days is that I was looking for a small display to put on my desk so I didn’t have to stop using my computer for things I was doing. Ropiee gives you touch controls which allows me to pause and fast forward (my main requirement) without using my pc. If I want to browse my library or change content playing entirely I use my pc, then my desktop device just sits there giving me album art and metadata (main portion of my use case) without my pc.

Makes sense, thanks for the feedback. I guess you don’t use your phone at all to control Roon?

I do. Iphone, Ipad, MS Surface (my pc). I wanted an appliance like experience display. I have a separate big screen monitor but find I use both my pc and screen for work. Its annoying to have to bring up roon to skip a song or see whats playing (I love roon radio). I’ve read a Fire Hd8/10 with a dock works very well also.

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