RoPieee with USB DAC not listed in Roon, solution?

I am experimenting a bit with RoPieee which is a great tool!

Sofar I have been using the Hifiberry DAC+ HAT attached to my Raspi 3B+ with excellent results.

As an alternative I have now attached my tiny Hiby R2 DAP which can also be used as a USB DAC. Works fine as well.

Just have following question:
Within Roon I cannot select any Hiby USB DAC, probably due to the fact that there is no agreement in place between Hiby China and Roon.
Instead I have chosen AudioQuest Dragonfly Black form the list which works fine.

Is there any kind of “generic USB DAC” to be selected in cases like mine where the USB DAC cannot be selected from the list?

You don’t need to select a specific DAC in Roon: this is purely cosmetic.

So basically the solution is … don’t. :wink:

When a DAC is Roon Tested (and USB capable) Roon can detect the specific DAC and provides you with a nice image of your DAC, but that’s about it (for Roon Ready DAC’s this is somewhat different).


Harry, many thanks for your reply which confirms what I thought. I guess I will survive with the „wrong‘ AudioQuest graphic😜