Ropieee XL - Can I use FLIRC to control Spotify Connect?

I have a FLIRC vs USB receiver connected to a Pi4 running Ropieee XL and working very successfully.
While this controls Roon just fine from my IR remote, it does nothing at all to control Spotify Connect usage.

I assume that this is expected behaviour and not something I can achieve in Ropieee, but was keen to hear if I have missed something in setting this up? Thanks

Nor will it as the extension is connected to roon

Ah, as suspected.

Back to square one then. Is anyone aware of a Pi distribution that will work with FLIRC to provide remote control to more than just Roon? Specifically, to also control Spotify Connect.

This may be more involved that you want, but you can use a remote directly with the raspberry pi and volumio or moode (I think):