Ropieee XL, display issue

Hi folks, wondering if some one can give me some tips on getting my Raspberry Pi 3 / 7” touch screen to work properly. I followed directions in startup guide but my display does not show album art. I can connect and play music on the Pi UsB out to my Audio gd DAC. But keep getting same error messages:

-Is your DAC turned on?
-Is Ropieee remote control extension enabled in Roon?
-Is the correct zone configured in RoPieee?

I believe those are all correct , music plays just no Art work, controls on display.

I sent in feedback, here is the Unique identifier. Thanks!



Does the display ever show anything? If yes, your problem most likely lies in the configuration. Confusingly, display and music are two separate devices. In Roon, goto Settings > Extensions, and enable Spockfish. On the local Ropieee webpage, make sure the “hostname” on the General tab, is entered as Roon Control Zone on the Display and Remote Control tabs.

I am not sure that this is right. The hostname is what the Pi is named (and what will show up in a network scan). The Roon Control Zone is the name that is specified in Roon —> Settings —> Audio, and may or may not be the same. Confusingly, the display can be associated with any Roon Control Zone, not just the same physical device.

@Richard_Lim, would you post a screenshot of your Roon audio and extensions settings, as well as the Display tab of RoPieee webpage?

This may be true, but in my case they’re all set the same and it works :grinning: I remember also finding the process a bit confusing tbh.

Well, it seems you don’t have a Roon zone called ‘RopieeePi3’.
Hence the message.


Well it works!! Thanks folks, the error was as diagnosed, I had the name of zone in Roon different than what I had named in RoPiee XL. You guys and the members on this forum are wonderful!

Hi Folks wonding if anyone had display issues with Roon 1.8 update? I have two Raspberry Pi’s running RopieeeXL with 7" displays. After Roon update, one continues to function properly and the other one doesn’t??? I check all software settings and they are correct as far as I can tell. I get an I2S error on the display which isn’t working, is this a hardware issue? I can see Ropieee boot up and can read the screen during start up but I just don’t see art work or the clock anymore. Thoughts?

send Harry a feedback and post the reference here from the advanced tab