Ropieee XL Freezing and Drops

I have 2 Rpi3 devices on my network. Since upgrading to 2022.04 on both I have been experiencing 2 issues.

First after a few days of working fine, they go into an inaccessible state. Right now the US Digi Allo Bridge has a solid green light and a flashing red. I cannot access it. Looking at my network switch it is off the network. Powering off/on only will bring it back.

The second issue is on the Rpi3 with DigiAllo HAT, I get drops in music play. This only happens when the device has been running for a few days. This is usually a sign it is about to freeze. Past experience is if I shift from Roon playback to Spotify it will freeze. It started today and with US Bridge offline I captured the below log. I wanted to get something before it froze.

Any assistance is appreciated.



The logs show nothing special; what you could try is to set the reboot schedule once a day.

I’ve got Pi 3’s running for weeks here, but I’m running the development version. Maybe that makes a difference.

Thanks Harry, Switched from weekly to daily reboots.