RoPieee XL from DLNA to Roon requires reboot

When I change from DLNA streaming back to Roon I get a “cannot access device” error in Roon and I need to reboot the RoPieee XL.
Even if I do a clean exit out of BubbleUPnP.
Is there a way to avoid the need to reboot?

This is because of locks on the audio device.
I’m not entirely sure, but you could try waiting for a few minutes. The spotify client for example, releases the lock on the audio device after 3 minutes and Roon does something familiar.

So when you stop DLNA wait for a few minutes or so and try again.

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I waited a bit, probably not long enough. :upside_down_face:

I had the same problem when i tried DLNA when XL first came out

I had to reboot the Pi

I only use the Pi for Roon so its not an issue now