Ropieee XL Install with Raspberry Pi4

Hello New I’m to this can anyone help me please…

I’m trying to install RoPieee on a Rasberry Pi4 I’m using the latest (2020/07/24) RoPieee download image from their website this has been falshed onto a new 32GB Micro SD card and installed into the Raspberry Pi. The Pi4 goes through its boot sequence but seems top get stuck and hangs and goes no further. I have tried this many times all with the same result. I have left the boot sequence running for many hours still no joy.
Can anyone shed any light on this most frustrating fault?

Do you have it hooked up to a screen to see what it’s hanging on?

Yes I have it hooked up to a Rasberry Pi 7 Inch touchscreen

Is it connected to ethernet?

And what stage of the build is it hanging on, what’s on screen?

The current line its hanging on is
[1326.8369641] 3fe0 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000013 00000000

It needs an Ethernet connection to internet for the duration of the install and later too if you don’t use WiFi that’s also setup while connected to ethernet

Yes ethernet is connected

I have successfully installed the Rasberry Pi OS 32Bit with desktop software this installed OK but would not reboot after closing the program down

I’ve moved it to audio ropieee

You might have a faulty SD card, do you have another you can try? Try to keep it in the 8-16gb range

All you should install is RoPieee or RoPieeeXL, and nothing else.

I think I beat you to it


It seems to load most of the software OK it tells me welcome to RoPieee and does one final reboot and this is where the problem starts?


Yes I have only falshed the RoPieee XL to my SD card nothing eles

Just brought a new SD card 32GB Scan disk Elite still the same

I don’t know anything about the innards of ropieee but have tagged Harry who is it’s creator. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you reflash the micro SD card after installing the screen?

But what do you mean with ‘hang’? What happens after the final reboot?


The micro SD card was flashed with RoPieee and installed into the RPi4 and powered up. It goes through the boot sequence very quick and seems to almost come to the end when the screen shuts down and when it reboot the screen is full m of text but not moving through the boot sequence?

Lots of text on the screen top to bottom and the boot sequence has frozen