RoPieee XL Pi 3 Model B Spotify Connect not working

Have Spotify connect working on two Pi 4’s and am unable to get it working on two separate Pi 3 Model B’s. Is there a known compatibility issue with Pi3’s?

Unique identifier: 348f59d0bb2a0525

I can’t find your feedback, which in itself is already pointing out something is wrong.

Can you try again?


Here you go:


Hi @Jason_Curtiss

I know what’s going on: you have a space in your hostname (‘ropieee-Great Room’) which causes a problem while configuring Spotify Connect. Remove the space, save it and after the configure you should have it working again.

I need to investigate why you were even allowed to enter the space (which is not good idea anyhow), but that’s for me.


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Removed the space from hostname and that fixed it. Thank you so much!