Ropieee XL Volume issue Airplay and Spotify Connect

Hi, wondering if anyone has the same problem as me and found solution.

When connecting to Ropieee XL via either Airplay or Spotify Connect, the volume maxes out very low or sometimes higher. It took me quite a while to realize that the max volume with AP and SC will be the last volume used in Roon. So if last time I used in Roon the Pi was at 25%, the new max in Airplay is now 25%. If I was blasting at 100%, Airplay max will allow to go at full volume level and so on…

I close Roon but makes no difference.

I used this feature with earlier versions of RopieeeXL and it worked. Wondering if it something with the latest version I am using? V. 414

-RPi4 with Allo Boss1.2 HAT
-RPi3 with USB Dragonfly
Same problem on both.

Thank you!

Pretty sure it has always been this way at least for my volume controlled endpoints (mainly with IQAudIO DigiAMP+ HATs and attached speakers - actually I quite like that as it saves me having issues of sudden loudness…not a WAF option.

You can actually change the volume with the Roon Volume levels without playing anything from Roon, by selecting the Zone and adjusting accordingly.

Im not sure if this has something to with the way RAAT Server is permanently in communication with the zones.

Thanks for posting this…I was just troubleshooting the same problem. Now at least I know what’s going on!

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As of now, this appears to be fixed when Shariport volume control for the IQAudIO DigiAMP+ hat is set to Hardware mode. In software mode the old behavior occurs (you must set max volume in Roon)