Ropieee XL with SMSL M500

Hi everyone,

I am interested in the SMSL M500.

Does it works with latest Ropieee XL distribution (384) ?

Thanks !

So long as it has class 2 audio capability on its USB input (which it does) it will work. However I cannot say if it will default to the regular settings for a Linux device or SMSL have done the work for a modern Linux kernel to see and use its full capabilities.

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Harry normally can add specific support when a feedback is given for a new dac that might not be 100 maxed out…normally, but not I’m not going to say always.

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Works just fine.

I type this while listening to Roon Radio via a Ropieee XL install on a Pi4 driving a M500.

The only annoyance I found was the M500 defaulting to like 20/100 alsa volume level at power on. Setting fixed volume and enabling force of max volume on playback in Roon solved that.


hi dean

is the ropieee can do native dsd on M500?

Sure can. Works like a champ all the way up to DSD512.