Ropieee XL wont show in Roon

Hi @spockfish I booted up my bedroom ropieee system this morning and it wont show up in Roon. It does for Airplay and I can see DNLA just nothing in Roon. All my others work fine. I have reflashed it several times to no avail. I wonder if the HAT has died? Any advice would be great, its normally on wireless but rebuilt it so it wired at the moment and the same.

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Ignore me, I set it as the wrong hat. lol. No idea why it did not work this morning on boot though,

Nope its still not working it did up until last reboot and setting it back to wireless.

Web UI is up and running ok

And now it’s working again. No idea why but I think I will leave it and wait and see if it happens again.

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I just had a go on my first RoPieeeXl install, but it does not seem to be available for Roon Core. I followed the RoPiee guide.

All my piCorePlayers works like a charm, so the Core itself seems ok.

EDIT: Never mind, it was plugged into the wrong subnet.

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