RoPieeeXL 7” Screen freezes on boot-up

Hi Harry,

7” Screen freezes on boot-up.

I have restarted roon extensions, rebooted the ROCK/Core, reinstalled RoPieeeXL, re powered network switch…. Any other ideas what it might be?

Thank you.

Version 414

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3

Package Version

ropieee 20200125-2

ropieee-web 20200128-1

ropieee-extensions 20190407-1

mosquitto-ropieee 1.6.3-1

lirc-ropieee 0.10.1-8

inputlirc-ropieee 30-2

linux-raspberrypi-dsd 4.19.80-4

qt5-base-ropieee 5.12.6-1

ropieee-remote 20200104-1

ropieee-touchui 20200119-1

ropieee-xl 20200120-1

I sent feedback around 10:20 CET.

No need for a quick reply… it is the weekend.

So what do do you mean with ‘freezes’? What’s the last thing you can see?
And can you send me feedback?


Hi Harry, Freezes = after boot-up the ‘touch’ of the touch screen has zero touch function. The screen text and album art work fine and reflect ‘roon’. Feedback just sent.

unique identifier 882a81bc39ed88f1

Many thanks


Many apologies its was a Hardware issue. I feel a little stupid. The smaller 7" PCB connector was loose. All works.

Many thanks.

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