RopieeeXL - a loud "click" interruption in sync every track shift playing from Spotify

Opposite to the very fluent playback from Roon, I have a hard and loud click every track shift from the SpotifyConnect playback. I have used the Spotify settings menu to find settings like overlap a couple of seconds, but that setting does not seem to work when playing to the RopieeeXL. The click is irritating, but sometimes it is loud enough to get me worried over the impact to the treble drivers. Perhaps there is an issue with the receiver circuit in my active monitors, but that should not be different for Spotify compared to Roon that displays approximately the same delay between each track. If I use Soundiiz web-app and import a playlist from Spotify to Tidal for playback in Roon, the problem is gone.

Suggestions anyone? Anything I can do/change except the obvious not to play Spotify? But my wife is hard to turn to Tidal via Roon. She stills like the playlist compositions in Spotify better than Tidal and I am prepared to agree.

My wife likes to stream Spotify and was doing so this morning to a HAT based amp setup…I can’t say I noticed any issues. I will do some testing.

Maybe its worthwhile to send a feedback to Harry here. Ill move this to the #audio-products:ropieee area for you too.

Testing now… helps when you select the right Pi… :man_facepalming:t5:

ignore the 09ed000a440dd98d feedback please

Soory for being such a noob, do not understand what you ask from me. Should I try the RopieeeXL in SpotifyConnect mode, or is there anything else you want me to do?
I cannot select between different Pi, after etching the RopieeeXL image, the software is what it is?
Further the playback settings like playing gapless or even with overdoub (tune in - tune out - overlap) a couple of seconds does not respond in actual playback from Spotify. It seems the Spotify connect section of the Ropieee is not as weel developed and ready compared to the Roon playback. Sometimes it “clicks” in Roon playback too, but that is only when changing format from previous track and not at all as severe as with SpotifyConnect.
Hope you are able to explain what is expected fro my me, in order to progress this thread.
Trust you will have a continuing happy new year … :slight_smile:

@Computer_Audioholic It’s possible this could be DAC related issues…seems you have posted in someone else’s issue, I’m not sure we have enough info presented to determine the best action…perhaps start a new thread with more detail?

Sorry, I am the same person as the original author. It happened so that I came to have two users; one for the initial testing of Roon prior to signing up, the other when I signed on.
I can indeed start a new thread, or if it is ok with you, continue by adding additional info here. I do not mind whatever way, I perfectly happy with any that you suggest. But, I am the same guy as the original poster. Got a little messy in the start, thats all … :slight_smile: Ok to continue here? I do have the possible root cause you suggest in mind too, I happened to own a cinema processor from the Swedish brand Primare, that always interrupted the digital input between any CD track played on my Primare DVD player. They did never explain why the heck they had such a design, but … now I am there again. My dear friend and owner of Harmony Design, mentioned without having scrutinized the JBL monitors I feed with digital AES-EBU from my RPi 3B+ & Audiophonics HAT, it may have something to do with the receivers in the monitors. I am not at that deep knowledge level. Heres the link to the HAT:

Here are my speakers:

Ah ok…well that additional info might help Harry I guess so I suggest you provide a feedback entry for him to look at while the unit is playing.